A jumbo loan specialist is an individual mortgage officer who has extensive experience in arranging jumbo loans for their customers.  Jumbo loans are different from all other mortgages in many ways.  Particularly today your jumbo loan mortgage lender should feel comfortable with the issues they may encounter when they arrange your loan.  You should work with a mortgage lender can  explain all jumbo loan programs, construction loans, fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans and even super jumbo loans without hesitation. 


  You should also deal with a mortgage lender who can advise you as to the loan program that suits you best depending on your particular situation.  For example, if you intend to move within 4 or 5 years, obtaining a fixed rate jumbo home mortgage many not be a critical issue.  Therefore you should consider the current adjustable loan rates. 


   Each of the 1-800-JUMBOLOAN mortgage lenders which are part of the 1-800-JUMBOLOAN network are experienced lenders.