Jumbo loan rates depend on many factors, so there is no way to let you know what you will pay. First off, every state has different rates. For example, Hawaii starts its jumbo loan rate at $625,000 while every other state starts at $417,000. This is due to the average price of homes and is set by the top two residential mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Secondly, each year the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development sets a new minimum rate for Jumbo Loans every January. So depending on when you apply for a jumbo loan, the minimum may be higher or lower.

 A third factor that plays a major factor in how much your rate will be is how much the Jumbo loan is for. If you are paying $417,000 rather than $500,000 for your loan, your rate will most likely be lower. Another factor that could alter the amount you pay for your loan is whether you pick a 15 or a 30 year fixed loan.

 Jumbo loans tend to have higher rates than most other forms of loans since they are a higher risk. The risk is because these loans havce a higher chance to default. These loans are also about the standard definition of a conforming loan limit. Another thing to keep in mind when taking out a jumbo loan is that you have to put down a higher down payment than most other mortgages, due to the risk.